Added categories to searchbar popup

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ivan 2017-10-01 09:40:21 +03:00
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commit 04107d6628
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@ -171,9 +171,13 @@ function Search($SearchQuery) {
function AddSearchBar() {
global $Titles;
global $GBsearch;
global $GBcategoryfield;
if ($GBsearch) {
echo "<form action=index.php method=post>";
echo "<input type=text name=\"serachq\" value=\"\" maxlength=255>";
echo "<input type=text name=\"serachq\" value=\"\" maxlength=255 list=\"browsers\">";
echo "<datalist id=\"browsers\">";
foreach ($GBcategoryfield as $category) echo " <option value=\"",$category,"\">";
echo "</datalist>";
echo "<input type=submit name=\"search\" value=\"",$Titles["Search"],"\">";
echo "</form>";