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Updated 2 weeks ago

PHPCSV Guestbook / Feedback form

Updated 2 months ago

MySQL image downloader / replacer

Updated 4 months ago

Midnight Commander with scrollbar, mountpoints menu and F3 shows dirsize

Updated 5 months ago

ancient roman numerals - octal and decimal roman number converter

Updated 9 months ago

Simple scripts for different purposes

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Updated 1 year ago

Another style sheet

Updated 1 year ago

Discordian Date Function Wordpress Plugin

Updated 1 year ago

dtime - Erisian (Discordian) time and date

Updated 1 year ago

Educational game for children: "Guess The Note" based on Arudino, buzzer, RGB LED, servo and rotary encoder

Updated 1 year ago

Device that regulates fan speed and damper in the tube depending on temperature

Updated 1 year ago

Ssh connection manager

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Updated 2 years ago

gtk GUI manager for freerdp or rdesktop connection

Updated 2 years ago

Erisian digital clock

Updated 3 years ago

Sketch for MicroController Test Board with 4-Digit-Display and one button

Updated 3 years ago

AC Light Dimmer with DS18B20 temperature sensor

Updated 4 years ago