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PHPCSV Guestbook version 0.9
Simple php-guestbook with csv-file data storage.
PHPCSV Guestbook 0.9 requires PHP 5.0 or higher version.
1. Upload all files from repository to your website folder or sub-folder.
2. Edit settings.php: change $GBadmin and $GBpassword (and the other variables if necessary)
3. Check privileges for access to files: data storage (default: gbdb.csv) must have write permissions. Other files need only read rights.
If you have uploaded files to a subfolder "/guestbook" of your webserver, then http://yourserver.domain/guestbook/ will open a guestbook. Following the link "http://yourserver.domain/guestbook/administration.php" will open the administration panel.
For changing appearance you can edit page.php like simple html (for example: add css tags).