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PHPCSV Guestbook version 0.9
Simple php guestbook with csv file data storage.
PHPCSV Guestbook 0.9 requires PHP 5.0 or higher version.
1. Upload all files from repository to your website folder or sub-folder.
2. Edit settings.php: change $GBadmin and $GBpassword (and other variables if necessary)
3. Check privileges for access to files: data storage (default: gbdb.csv) must have write permissions. Other files need only read rights.
If you have uploaded files to a subfolder "/guestbook" of your webserver, then http://yourserver.domain/guestbook/ will open a guestbook. Following the link http://yourserver.domain/guestbook/administration.php will open the administration panel.
For changing appearance you can edit page.php like simple html (for example: add css tags).