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  ivan aa3c2e49cc html parser from XRevan86 2 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 47aab1356e Escape the nick when forming a regexp 2 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 30e84cc7e6 Improve reconnecting ability 2 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin fd078c43ad Always display plugin errors 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 720d17f6b9 Add basic Python plugins support 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 90855d4d89 Stop importing subprocess 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 91e05364f6 Fix !megakick broken after the slixmpp switch 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin bea576efb3 Switch from sleekxmpp to slixmpp 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin ee5fa7e9e2 Fix issues with reconnecting 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin ae3312b2e2 Create a separate logger for the class 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 6094b074cc Before handling a message, check the sender if the bot 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin a41e3051a0 Simplify the chat/answer example 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin d73e10e76e Rename main class to Hptoad 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 938709465c Use os.path.join() instead of concatenating manually 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 3bb0824e75 Alias client.plugin["xep_0045"] only once 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 96c975233c Work in the directory where hptoad.py is located 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 633a023580 Refactoring of command handling 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 788e3a9c7f Remove a rather useless eval in the chat/answer example 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 2d96423021 Fix plugins stderr output 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin 1cc9b97c39 Move chat/ and plugins/ examples to the examples/ directory 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin d7783fbee3 Add basic README.md and requirements.txt 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin ece9d41e25 Add COPYING with the MIT licence 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin ca6c9cca13 Port to Python with sleekxmpp 3 years ago
  Alexei Sorokin b49934972f Better plugin and answer examples 3 years ago
  Alexey Derlaft 1b8b17ae8a Merge pull request #2 from betrok/master 4 years ago
  betrok 25ae83b538 Trim plugins output again 4 years ago
  Alexey Derlaft e86ab7dd40 Merge pull request #1 from betrok/master 4 years ago
  betrok 908a87953d Move from "bash -c" to direct execute, little refatoring 4 years ago
  Alexey Derlaft 79a839b34a Removed SkipTLS, fixed kosc's bullshit 4 years ago
  Alexey Derlaft 4e91e698f3 added some external data 4 years ago
  Alexey Derlaft 7c9c5ff2eb Update 4 years ago
  cx uname 6aedddfdf4 lel 6 years ago
  cx uname 19d89b28d8 dc refactoring 6 years ago
  cx uname 06e156e9aa dc fix2 6 years ago
  cx uname 1bc53e1b15 dc fix2 6 years ago
  cx uname 919fc6aef5 dc fix 6 years ago
  cx uname 292ff44701 gofmt 6 years ago
  cx uname 247e01c20a quotes 6 years ago
  cx uname 33f32920ee Please enter the commit message for your changes. 7 years ago
  cx uname 1f109203c3 affiliation fix 7 years ago
  cx uname 969d25fdb5 log fix 7 years ago
  cx uname 709f506058 123 7 years ago
  cx uname 148649e632 123 7 years ago
  cx uname ca0f779fc2 blahblah 7 years ago
  cx uname d9fa80796a +megakick 7 years ago
  cx uname d9695fab33 ass hole >_< 7 years ago
  cx uname d4f4aebce3 better dc handler. again 7 years ago
  cx uname d6915f2cbb parser fix 7 years ago
  cx uname 86a61cf2bf minor fixes 7 years ago
  cx uname b8d9ec9e39 better dc handler 7 years ago