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ivan 2c5c87f555 add curses texpad del, home, end handlers 2 months ago
ivan cd501bdc1e add curses texpad Esc handler 2 months ago
ivan 37b3926880 merging CMDConnect and CursesConnect into the single Connect function 2 months ago
ivan abb2fcfa4c remove ThreadConnect func and help fixes 2 months ago
ivan 7d7e2ff775 py2 curses utf8 display support 2 months ago
ivan eddfedb6c3 parallel command execution for aliases and groups 2 months ago
ivan e11978957f parallel command execution for aliases and groups 2 months ago
ivan 032b4b1ab0 Add w/s as navigation 11 months ago
ivan 7fa8bdb6f9 Fix -f cmd output 11 months ago
ivan 10ca6ad15b Add GroupChildAliases function 11 months ago
ivan 48d491312a Add group tree (nested groups) 11 months ago
ivan 0bbf06340a Update 'README.md' 3 years ago
ivan ed10aa8f03 add exceptions 4 years ago
ivan 0fd4ff9b74 issue 10 fix 4 years ago
ivan a39cd7ae68 interface fixes 4 years ago
ivan ba9fa303ba newlines in readme 4 years ago
ivan 1b9acdcc4a first stable release 4 years ago
ivan b7fdcf119d blank password for remove password field 4 years ago
ivan b48081be65 fixed TypeError: must be str, not bytes with python3 4 years ago
ivan 32013bdb8d Add home/end handlers, some minor fixes 4 years ago
ivan 450b30b196 fixed 'selected' list out of range 4 years ago
ivan 8e930115a5 fixed add new group name string 4 years ago
ivan ec8a2ca14a minor fixes 4 years ago
ivan 9c361bbe00 removed possibility to create alias and group with spaces 4 years ago
ivan 37a20a0c48 add cursor to curses 4 years ago
ivan e430142fdc groups added 4 years ago
ivan c8069554eb
Merge pull request #5 from GHPS/ZSH-Completion 5 years ago
GHPS 6fdcf8ae6d Added full ZSH completion 5 years ago
ivan c528af6414
Merge pull request #4 from GHPS/Better-Scriptability 5 years ago
GS 9ea667f201 Better Scriptability by Removing Unnecessary Comma in List Output 5 years ago
ivan 2c8f072499
Merge pull request #3 from GHPS/master 5 years ago
GHPS 68bb493c44
Added Python 3.x support 5 years ago
ivan e75a733d0b README fix 5 years ago
ivan c057e1e8ed Adding autocompetion instructions to README and fixing lack of 'exec_string' parameter crashing 5 years ago
ivan 0266d29308 Merge pull request #2 from jeff-99/master 5 years ago
Jeffrey Slort de2f544178 added bash autocompletion script for sshch aliases 5 years ago
ivan 083144d656 add quotes for sshpass (for & symbol in password) 5 years ago
ivan afa565104c missprint 5 years ago
ivan d5844ab267 add -k feature (hold connection) 5 years ago
ivan 48eea214fa Merge pull request #1 from Difrex/master 5 years ago
Denis Zheleztsov 99374da328 PEP8 5 years ago
ivan 37b6f6d5e0 fixed screenshot 5 years ago
ivan 4fb25041f9 misprint in readme 5 years ago
ivan 4ec5c96775 add setup file and update readme 5 years ago
ivan 980f3ac9be add screenshot 5 years ago
ivan 0e42810911 add exceptions and -f option 5 years ago
ivan 8c4cdf3707 code optimisation 5 years ago
ivan 6d3eeb8434 add curses interface 5 years ago
ivan ed23ad8528 Add OptionParser 5 years ago
ivan 25be46c176 Initial 5 years ago