Deprecated (obsoleted) ~ Gentoo overlay
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app-editors Update Manifest il y a 2 ans
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eclass Update golang-base.eclass il y a 3 ans
games-fps Update Manifest il y a 3 ans
games-util/urtconnector Delete Manifest il y a 2 ans
mail-client/wmail-bin Delete wmail-bin-2.2.0.ebuild il y a 2 ans
media-sound/teamspeak-client-bin Update Manifest il y a 2 ans
media-tv/popcorntime-bin Add files via upload il y a 2 ans
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Gentoo overlay

Quality: experimental

Status: unofficial


Option 1:


    layman -f -o -a ussr

Option 2:

To add it to the list of layman, open /etc/layman/layman.cfg and immediately after the line:

    overlays  :


must happen:

    overlays  :

then follow:

    layman -L
    layman -a ussr

Repository ebuilds

Category Name Description Versions
app-antivirus clamtk A frontend for ClamAV using Gtk2-perl 5.24
app-backup insync-bin Advanced cross-platform Google Drive client 1.3.14
app-editors brackets-bin Open source code editor for web designers and front-end developers 1.9
app-editors lighttable-bin The next generation code editor 0.8.1-r1
app-office litetran Very simple GUI for text translation (like google translate) 9999
dev-libs libmesode Fork of libstrophe for use with Profanity XMPP Client 0.9.1 / 9999
dev-python slixmpp Python library for XMPP - asyncio fork 1.2.4 / 9999
dev-qt qt5-styleplugins Additional style plugins for Qt 9999
games-fps urbanterror-maps Various maps for urban terror 4 20160214
games-fps urbanterror Hollywood tactical shooter based on the ioquake3 engine 4.2.023
games-util urtconnector Advanced UrbanTerror launcher program 9999
mail-client wmail-bin The missing desktop client for Gmail & Google Inbox 2.3.0
media-sound teamspeak-client-bin TeamSpeak Client - Voice Communication Software 3.1.2
media-tv popcorntime-bin Watch Movies and TV Shows instantly 0.3.10
media-video gnome-twitch Enjoy Twitch on your GNU/Linux desktop 0.3.1
net-im ghetto-skype Free calls, text and picture sharing with anyone, anywhere 1.5.0
net-im poezio Console XMPP client that looks like most famous IRC clients 9999
net-im profanity Ncurses based jabber client inspired by irssi 0.5.1 / 9999
net-im rambox-bin Free and Open Source messaging and emailing app that combines common web applications into one 0.5.3
net-im riot-web-bin A glossy Matrix collaboration client for the web 0.9.7
net-news feedreader A modern desktop application designed to complement web-based RSS accounts 2.0
www-apps rainloop-community Simple, modern and fast web-based email client /
www-apps rainloop Simple, modern and fast web-based email client /
www-servers caddy-bin Fast, cross-platform HTTP/2 web server with automatic HTTPS 0.9.5
x11-misc sunflower Small and highly customizable twin-panel file manager with plugin-support 0.3.1-r1
x11-misc twmn A notification system for tiling window managers 9999
x11-themes menda-circle-icon-theme Menda Circle Icon Theme 9999
x11-themes menda-themes Manjaro’s official Gtk2, Gtk3, Metacity, Xfwm, Openbox, Cinnamon and GNOME Shell themes 9999

Repository tree

    ├── app-antivirus
    │   └── clamtk
    ├── app-backup
    │   └── insync-bin
    ├── app-editors
    │   ├── brackets-bin
    │   └── lighttable-bin
    ├── app-office
    │   └── litetran
    ├── dev-libs
    │   └── libmesode
    ├── dev-python
    │   └── slixmpp
    ├── dev-qt
    │   └── qt5-styleplugins
    ├── games-fps
    │   ├── urbanterror
    │   └── urbanterror-maps
    ├── games-util
    │   └── urtconnector
    ├── mail-client
    │   └── wmail-bin
    ├── media-sound
    │   └── teamspeak-client-bin
    ├── media-tv
    │   └── popcorntime-bin
    ├── media-video
    │   └── gnome-twitch
    ├── net-im
    │   ├── ghetto-skype
    │   ├── poezio
    │   ├── profanity
    │   ├── rambox-bin
    │   └── riot-web-bin
    ├── net-news
    │   └── feedreader
    ├── www-apps
    │   ├── rainloop
    │   └── rainloop-community
    ├── www-servers
    │   └── caddy-bin
    ├── x11-misc
    │   ├── sunflower
    │   └── twmn
    └── x11-themes
        ├── menda-circle-icon-theme
        └── menda-themes