hubzilla themes: ussrbasic, ussrbasicpub, ussrbasicleft, ussrbasicright
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ivan 7763039600 grengray fix 6 天前
ussrbasic grengray fix 6 天前
ussrbasicleft grengray fix 6 天前
ussrbasicpub grengray fix 6 天前
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  • ussrbasic
  • ussrbasicpub
  • ussrbasicleft
  • ussrbasicright

This themes has Focus (wgite background) and GreenGrey (dark background) schemes. Also this themes has Nolikes scheme (hide “Likes” feature) and Nominus scheme (hide “Minus” icon under one-side connections).

  • ussrbasic - default 3 column theme with greengrey scheme


  • ussrbasicpub - public 2 column theme with public informative navbar


  • ussrbasicleft - 2 column, left navigation panel


  • ussrbasicright - 2 column, right navigation panel [BETA - some features could not work]